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Chapter Two: Unity

Amanda Brown’s collection, Moda Unity Fashion Showcase.
Wayne Thiebaud. Paint Cans. 1990. Lithograph, hand-worked proof, 75.7 × 58.8 cm. DeYoung Museum (gift of the Thiebaud Family, 1995.99.12). Art © Wayne Thiebaud/Licensed by VAGA, New York, New York.

What is Unity?

 According to the Design Basics Textbook, unity means that a congruity or agreement exists among the elements in a design. Basically meaning that elements in a design compliment eachother in harmony. For example, Amanda Browns collection show above shows unity because they are somewhat similar. Unity does not mean they have to have to be the complete same thing. Take Wayne Thiebaud's Paint cans Photo for example, This is also consisered unity because of the repetition of shapes.
What is Gesalt?: A wholeness feeling.

How can you use positive and negative space in a design?

Positive and negative space can help a design look organized.

How can unity be achieved?

1. Proximity : makes separate elements look well together.


2. Repetition: relating parts of the design.

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3. Continuation: continuing from a line, edge, or direction from one to another.

4. The Grid: components of a visual image are organized into a cohesive composition that can be quite boring.

Design Basic Textbook

5. Varied Repetition: variety displayed; planned.

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Resources: Design Basics Textbook

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