Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chapter Four: Scale and Proportion

           What is Scale and Proportion?

         Scale and Proportion are relative terms. Scale is another word for size. An exampled that is given in The Design Basics Textbook is, You can have a big dog but it doesn't mean anything if you do not know the size of an average dog; this is where proportion differentiates. Proportion means a size measured against other elements or against some mental norm or standard. Fashion itself is matter of proportions.

"Proportion refers to the correction depiction of the all the parts related to each other in a shape/form within a realistic painting or drawing. Proportion lends a sense of balance and harmony to a piece of artwork. One may decide to distort the proportions within an artwork to create a certain effect on the viewer.  " (creative glossary)


What is Hieratic Scaling?

Hieratic scaling basically means that the size of an element is dependent on the importance of it.
 Gary Harvey’s first collection showcased nine of his stunning dresses at the Estethica exhibition at the London Fashion Week


Marta Landres Photography

What is  an Exaggerated Scale?

Also known as an unexpected scale; is when there is an extreme change in scale that attracts our attention. For example, the pictue above shows an exaggerated accessory that we know to be small.

What is a Golden Rectangle and why is it important for designers?

Golden Rectangle means PERFECT PROPORTION. This proportion is found in growth patterns such as nature. The Golden Rectangle is also known as The Golden Ratio. All sorts of artists have been using this method because it helps with proportion; It makes everything look better. 

 To further understand The Golden Rectangle refer to,

 Michelle Wu; Collection inspired by The Golden Rectangle.

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