Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chapter One: The Design Process

                            The Design Process consists of three things: Thinking, Looking and Doing.

Thinking can help you understand. You must know what you want to achieve. You must know what visual requirements and physical limitations you have for yourself. Looking means you see things in the world others may overlook. While Doing, you are quickly motivated to pick up your pencil and brainstorm. With this in mind the audience has a huge role play in the creation of design because they are who you’re designing for and marketing towards.
Icons are known to be a graphical representation of a concept. Such as Firefox, Itunes, Safari… etc. They are helpful because they help us identify operations.

Symbols are used to represent something else. Long sleeved evening gloves are a great symbol to show it is accompanied by a gown.

This is work of aesthetic value. The photo portrays her emotions through her body language and clothing, accompanied with black and white color to represent the mood of the moment in the photo. This photo also represents Form Follows Function. Form follows function is a product designed for a specific reason. Take this Banboo Fan for instance, It is artistically used and also provides cool air when needed. Another example would be winter coats or wrangler jeans.

Resources:, Design Basics Book

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