Monday, September 3, 2012

Chapter 9: Pattern and Texture!

Pattern and Texture is most likely my favorite chapter! Pattern and Texture will bring life to your design whether it's simple or extravagant!
Let's get started!
What is Pattern?
Pattern is a repeated decorative desing; reoccuring.
For instance, the picture below represents a pattern because of the repeating dots. Patterns can be anything! Look outside, repeating trees, cars, mailboxes, they are all considered patterns.
What is Texture and why does it differ from Pattern?
Texture amd Pattern are very closely related. The differemce is, texture is something you can FEEL but texture is also repetitive therefore the design could be called a pattern. You can identify if its a texture by touching. For example, the picture below is texture because if you touch it, you would know it is snake skin.
Kelsi Dagger Cameo
What is Tactile Texture?
Texture you can actually feel!
 For example the picture on the left, it is only implied that you can feel it because it looks a certain way. It is only a photo so if you touch it, you wont actually feel the texture. The brick picture is a Verisimilitude pictue meaning it can create the impression of texture on a flat, smooth surface also known as a Visual Texture. The picture on the right is an example of tactile texture because YOU CAN actually feel it.
Todd Arena                                                                                         Maison Martin Margiela

Trompe l'oeil is when a picture completely copies every texture like pattern related to the actual object. Top left picture is also a perfect example for it.
What is a Collage?
A designed made up of different materials pasted onto or next to one another.
Perfect examples below.
A collage in fashion is also considere what you wear. Simply because when we dress up, we tend to layer things and add accessories... making our outfit a collage!
example below.
Anna Sui collection

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