Monday, September 3, 2012

Chapter 10: Illusion of Space

What is the Picture Plane?
 The point of visual contact between the viewer and the picture and is conceived as a major structural element in the production of abstract or illusionistic forms. In basic forms, it can be any picture that is flat with invisible vertical lines. Often times being able to cut the picture into rectangles.
Juli Balla Photography
What is Foreshortening?
It is when a part of a design or object is going towards you, away from you or just up.
Few examples below.
*Closely related to amplified perspective.
What is Amplified Perspective?
A view that occurs when an object or item is pointed at the viewer.
 Lingerie Fashion Shoot
Roxanne Magazine
How to use Size Relationships to achive Space.
Size difference conforms with our understanding of how we perceive space. Size can be used to show importance of an object whether big or small. For example the picture below illustrates that the enlarge girl in the front is the center of the piece. Because she is so much bigger than the background people, it shows her importance.
What is Vertical Location?
Vertical Location is when an object is placed higher to create depth in a picture.
example below.
Marco Palmero
What is Aerial Perspective?
use of color or value (dark and light) to show depth.
 Under the bridge by Alex Lua Kaczkowska
What is Multipoint Perspective?
 Different objects will have separate sets of vanishing points if they are not parallel to each other.

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