Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chapter 8: Shape

Calvin Klien Collection
What is a Shape?
A shape is performed when it defines an element.
Patrick O'Rorke
What is Biomorphic Shapes?
Natural shapes that refer to natural and organic forms. These shapes basically look like big blobs or bubbles pertaining to a natural form. Notice that the pictue above shows natural growth without giving away what it is exactly.
Examples and Differences between Naturalism, Idealism, and Distortion.
1. Naturalism: gives a true life visual appearence of shapes in the world.
The picture below shows naturalism of the 18th century.
2. Idealism: It is a strive for perfection. It is the OPPOSITE of Naturalism because it shows our expectations and not the reality. For example, the picture below is catergorized under idealism because the world expects every woman to look/be like this.
Adriana Lima Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
3. Distortion: exaggerated shapes and munipulated proportions. For example, Sketch models!
What is a Non-Objective Shape?
Random Natural Shapes.

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