Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chapter 7: Line

What is a Line?
A line is a form with width and length, but no depth.

2009 Mango Clothing Line/ Penelope Cruz

What are Implied Lines?
Implied Lines create a series of points that are connected automatically everytime you see them. The photo below shows implied lines on  the border lines of the neck and shoulders.

Photography by Henry Jacobson

What are Psychic Lines?
There is no actual line but we have a feeling that certain design/objects connect without them even touching each other. For example, The picture below shows a woman covering her eyes from the sunlight. How do we know that the sunlight is what's bothering her? The direction of her hands towards the sun shows the relationship without a real line connecting them together.

What is the difference between Contour and Gesture Lines?

Contour and Gesture Lines are two types of drawing.
Contour Lines: When line is used to follow the edges of forms, to describe their outlines.
Gesture Lines: The importance in gesture drawing is showing the action of the design, not the shapes.(free flowing)


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